Entrepreneurial Journalism, Key Concepts in Journalism Studies & Foreign Correspondent

Entrepreneurial Journalism
Mark Briggs 
CQ Press
352 Pages; Price Rs. 1,088.00

Entrepreneurial Journalism will inspire you with what’s possible and show you the mechanics behind building a business. Working through eight clear and concise stages, you’ll explore the secrets of successful news startups (including how they’re making money) and learn how to be an upstart yourself, building an innovative and sustainable news business from scratch.
Each chapter starts with a real entrepreneur’s experience, teasing out how savvy and opportunistic journalists found their way to success. Mark Briggs then helps you size up the market, harness technology, turn your idea into a product or service, explore revenue streams, estimate costs, and launch. “Build Your Business” action items at the end of each chapter get you thinking through each step of your business plan.
Discover how traditional news organizations are evolving and innovating, where the jobs are today and where the new jobs will be tomorrow. 

Key Concepts in Journalism Studies
Bob Franklin, Martin Hamer, Mark Hanna, Marie Kinsey, 
John E Richardson 
384 Pages; Price Rs. 1,531.00

The SAGE Key Concepts series provide students with accessible and authoritative knowledge of the essential topics in a variety 
of disciplines. Cross-referenced throughout, the format encourages critical evaluation through understanding. Written by experienced and respected academics, the books are indispensable study aids and guides to comprehension.
Key Concepts in Journalism offers a systematic and accessible introduction to the terms, processes, and effects of journalism;a combination of practical considerations with theoretical issues; and further reading suggestions. The authors bring an enormous range of experience in newspaper and broadcast journalism, at national and regional level, as well as their teaching expertise. This book will be essential reading for students in journalism, and an invaluable reference tool. 

Foreign Correspondent
Editors: John Elliott, Bernard Imhasly, Simon Denyer
Penguin Books India
405 Pages; Price Rs. 450.00

Foreign correspondents travel the world, report on people and events and have hundreds of thousands of readers or viewers. South Asia is an especially favoured assignment because of the immensity of the story. It is a place where politics and major events unfold on the streets, not just in closed rooms. This book, with its collection of reportage, comment and photographs, reflects this story. It does not seek to cover every event in the decades since 1947, but focuses instead on good writing and historic moments that give a picture of how foreign correspondents have covered the region. The collection includes articles and photographs on subjects as diverse as tiger hunts, religious fanaticism and the Indian enthusiasm for P.G. Wodehouse. Peter Kann’s Pulitzer Prize-winning account of the fall of Dacca in 1971 and Barbara Crosette’s eyewitness report of Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination are two justly celebrated pieces.