Principles Of Marketing: A South Asian Perspective, International Journalism, History of Journalism in Odisha

Principles Of Marketing: 
A South Asian Perspective
Philip Kotler
Pearson Education India
620 Pages; Price Rs. 699.00

This is a comprehensive textbook on marketing for college students taking management courses. The field of marketing has been changing fast over the recent decades. In the current scenario of connected global markets and online marketing, it has become a vibrant and interactive field. This book teaches students how to create customer value, build brand loyalty, and customer communities, in addition to traditional marketing principles.
Each chapter opens with an illustrative real life example. The authors go on to define the concepts using examples to emphasize significant points. Highlighted points, author comments, and chapter outlines further serve to convey the important lessons in every chapter. Besides the chapter beginning examples, the book also contains a number of real marketing sections that highlight success stories from the Indian subcontinent as well from other places. The book also goes into the quantitative aspects of marketing.

International Journalism
Kevin Williams
216 Pages; Price: Rs. 2587.00

What is the future of the foreign 
correspondent - is there one? 
Tracing the historical development of international reporting, Kevin Williams examines the organizational structures, occupational culture and information environment in which it is practiced to explore the argument that foreign correspondence is becoming extinct in the globalized world. Mapping the institutional, political, economic, cultural, and historical context within which news is gathered across borders, this book reveals how foreign correspondents are adapting to new global and commercial realities in how they gather, adapt and disseminate news.
Lucid and engaging, the book expertly probes three global models of reporting - Anglo-American, European and the developing world - to lay bare the forces of technology, commercial constraint and globalization that are changing how journalism is practiced and understood.

History of Journalism 
in Odisha
Dr. Mrinal Chatterjee
Sephali Communications
303 Pages; Price: Rs. 450.00

Modern history of journalism in Odisha dates back to the mid nineteenth century. But there are not many books on its history.This book maps the status of journalism in Odisha till mid 2013 encompassing print, radio, television and new media. It attempts to provide a ringside view of to the exciting and fascinating world of journalism in Odisha, and to a large extent of India and to some extent of the world. It will help the media practitioners to know the history of Odia journalism and also to understand he factors impacting the course of history. From the early years of journalism to the future of journalism in Orissa, the book covers from print to web media and discusses specialty strands like business journalism, entertainment journalism and sports journalism. Cartoonists, Photo Journalists, Columnists, Women Journalists are focussed too, even as present trend of journalism in Orissa is discussed as is politics twined with journalism.