Reading Media Theory, Media Policy and Globalization, Consumer Behaviour and Branding

Reading Media Theory
Brett Mills, David M. Barlow
704 Pages; Price: Rs.2,673.00

What does the Frankfurt School have to say about the creative industries? Does the spread of Google prove we now live in an information society? How is Madonna an example of postmodernism? How new is new media? 
This groundbreaking volume – part reader, part textbook - helps you to engage thoroughly with some of the major voices that have come to define the landscape of theory in media studies, from the public sphere to postmodernism, from production to reception and beyond. But much more than this, by providing assistance and questions directly alongside the readings, it crucially helps you develop the skills necessary to become a critical, informed and analytical reader. 
Each reading is supported on the facing page by author annotations which provide comments, dissect the arguments, 
explain key ideas and terminology, make references to other relevant material, and pose questions that emerge from the text.

Media Policy and Globalization
Paula Chakravartty, 
Katharine Sarikakis
Edinburgh University Press
211 Pages; Price: Rs. 4,195.00

This volume takes a fresh look at media and communications policy and provides a comprehensive account of issues that are central to the study of the field. It moves beyond the ‘specifics’ of regulation, by examining policy areas that have proved to be of common concern for societies across different socio-economic realities. It also seeks to address profound gaps in the study of policy by demonstrating the centrality of historical, social and political context in debates that may appear solely technical or economistic.Media Policy and Globalization covers the institutional changes in the communications policy arena by examining the changing role of the state, technology and the market and the role of civil society. It discusses policy areas in broadcasting, telecommunications and the information society, and examines the often-overlooked normative dimensions of communications policy. 

Consumer Behaviour And Branding
S. Ramesh Kumar
Pearson Education India
624 Pages; Price: Rs.575.00

India is one of the emerging markets that pose a unique set of challenges to marketers. The importance of the context and the usefulness of concepts in the Indian context is the core proposition of the book. The diversity of a mix of factors such as cultural aspects, lifestyles, demographics and unbranded offerings make consumer behaviour a fascinating study. 
This book focuses on the behavioural principles of marketing and its application to branding in the Indian context, Consumer behaviour concepts associated with branding, A combination of recent and traditional examples reflecting the application of behavioural concepts, Touch of reality boxes to indicate context-based examples, Caselets and cases drawn from real-life situations, Research findings associated with the Indian context and Topical issues in consumer behaviour like cultural aspects, digital marketing and experiential branding