Reading Rituparno, The Survival Guide , The DBS Handbook of News and News Editing

Reading Rituparno
Dr. Shoma A. Chatterji
Sparrow Publication
334 Pages; Price Rs. 399.00

Reading Rituparno traces filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh’s celluloid journey through several phases - women-centric films, relationship films, literary classics removed from Rabindranath Tagore; celluloid interpretations of Tagore’s works and the actor-director exploring his alternative sexual identity. Within a brief span of two decades, this multi-talented genius has tracked diverse layers of human life.  This is the first study of the filmmaker’s feature films after his sudden and untimely demise on May 30 2013.
An initiative of a website committed to the promotion of Bengali culture in general and Bengali cinema in particular, the book has been published by Sparrow Publication, Kolkata an established name in art books and travel books. Reading Rituparno is illustrated with around 36 colour images of the filmmaker and stills from his films.

The Survival Guide 
To Journalism
Daniel Synge
McGraw-Hill International
152 Pages; Price Rs. 1070.00

A must-read for anyone thinking about going into journalism or already there. The recurring Q&A style is really helpful - the author really did pre-empt all various questions. As someone who is deciding whether to go into journalism or not - this is the only book which has actually been helpful and fun to read at the same time. What best is that the book is fun without being patronising - a lot of journo books are stuffy, outdated or intimidating. Importantly it tackles all the current issues about journalism becoming multi-platform, with advice on blogging etc.And although encouraging, it is realistic enough to make sure you don’t see journalism through rose-tinted glasses - it really made think hard about whether one would survive as a journalist. it’s essentially a journalism course in a nutshell. This essential survival manual to print and online media journalism explores the personal qualities and skills neede.

The DBS Handbook of News and News Editing
M. S. Ishshan
DBS Imprints
856 Pages; Price: Rs. 4995.00

In Journalism, News is the element and News Editing is the exercise to polish and finish it. News is the communication of selected information on current events, which is presented by Print, Broadcast, Internet media or word of mouth to a third party or mass audience. News is older than the newspaper. ‘News’ is a strange term, which carries with it, diverse feelings. News Editing is the process of selecting and preparing, written, audible and visible items, used to convey information. This exclusive work covers all aspects and dimensions of News and News Editing, in one cover. This book is an asset for all scholars, researchers and professional journalists, alike. Indeed, this book contains a sound knowledge of the subject in a nutshell. It provides the novice with the nuts and bolts of news and news editing. This is an excellent handbook for professionals.