A View from the Raisina Hill, Managing Media Work, The Manual of Photography

A View from the Raisina Hill 
P. P. Balachandran 
Har Anand Publications Pvt. Ltd
154 Pages; Price: Rs. 395

A View from the Raisina Hill is a compendium of select writings by senior journalist P.P. Balachandran. A Delhi-based journalist for most of the last 40 years, Bala has been witness, all these years, to great many events that impacted Indian democracy, in particular, and the sub-continent’s geopolitics in general. Most of the writings in this collection happened since the nineties when he transformed himself from being a subbing and reporting journalist to an editorializing journalist in other words, from an active journalist that he loved being forever to an arm-chair journalist that he loathed to be.
The 163-page, Har Anand-published  book comprises a series of commentaries Bala made on current political, economic and social events, both national and global, that took place during the 40 plus years he has been in the profession. The book is a reader’s delight from a reluctant, but a redoubtable

Managing Media Work
Editor: Mark Deuze
307 Pages; Price: Rs. 3000

Managing Media Work explores the ways media industries function, how media professionals manage their careers, how media industries engage with creativity and innovation, and how to make sense of this in ways to empower aspiring professionals. While students who want to enter a media industry may understand the impact the industry has on audiences and politics, these students generally are not empowered to understand how and why the industry works as it does, nor how contemporary worldwide societal shifts and trends such as globalization, digitalization, convergence, and individualization affect the everyday managerial and creative practices in the industry. Managing Media Work Brings together world-class scholars from a wide variety of disciplines, each addressing general or particular concerns about the conditions and changing nature of (new) media work in different areas of the creative industries. 

The Manual of Photography    
Editors: Elizabeth Allen, 
Sophie Triantaphillidou
Elsevier/Focal Press
566 Pages; Price: Rs. 2770

The Manual of Photography is an indispensable textbook for anyone who is serious about photography. It is ideal if you want to gain insight into the underlying scientific principles of photography and digital imaging, whether you are a professional photographer, lab technician, researcher or student in the field, or simply an enthusiastic amateur. This iconic text was first published in 1890 and has aided many thousands of photographers in developing their own techniques and understanding of the medium. Now in full colour, The Manual of Photography still retains its clear, reader-friendly style and is filled with images and illustrations demonstrating the key principles. Not only giving you the skills and know-how to take stunning photographs, but will also allowing you to fully understand the science behind the creation of great images.